Glass Heart Pendant

Glass Heart Pendant

Colorful glass heart pendant I made recently. 

Meerkat Stream Archives and More


One of the favorite parts of what I do, besides being able to play with fire all day, is to live stream my studio time. Being able to connect with people from around the world while I work, and possibly introduce new people to glass is awesome!

Meerkat Streaming


Why is the Meerkat streaming app so awesome!?

How To Make Lampwork Cabochons


I’ve been wanting to put this tutorial out for some time now. You know how it is though. One thing leads to another and before you know it, it’s been months since you planned to do that one thing. Last week I received another email asking “just how do you make your cabochons?”. So that […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!


All my glass hearts are made with love. So really when you buy one you’re getting a little piece of my love, and for that, well I just love you!

Longest Spinning Top


At the two minute mark I started to wonder if it was ever going to stop!

The End Is Near


As another year comes to a close I just want to give a quick thank you to everyone for being the best customers ever! It’s because of you all that I get to continue to do what I love.

Christmas Light Beads


These beads make the cutest earrings. Not to gaudy but with just enough holiday flair to show your festive side.

Why Buy Handmade


One of the hardest parts about being an independent artist is in my opinion the selling. It can be exhausting always trying to convince potential customers that your prices aren’t totally outrageous. I came across this blog post “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Handmade” and it was like a hammer hitting a nail. If […]

Free Beads

Free Beads

Several times a month I will hide beads throughout the online store for you, my awesome customers to find. Your mission, if you choose to accept it…

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