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New Lampwork Supply – Flower An...


No matter what time of year it is floral beads seem to always be in style. With our new flower and leaf canes your work just got a little easier.

Flower And Leaf Cane

Flower And Leaf Cane

New 104coe flower and leaf canes coming soon.

Fusing Meets Lampwork – Creatin...


I’ve had a couple of sheets of 104coe glass sitting around for what seems like years, gathering dust in a dark lonely corner. Last week I decided to pull out the sheets and try a little experiment mixing our handmade lampwork glass supplies and fusing.

Say Hello To My Little Studio

Corkscrew Marble

Every time we move it seems that my studio gets smaller and smaller. Either that or my glass multiplies in-between our moves.

Glass Tea Light Luminary Lamps

Glass Tea Light Luminary Lamps

During my down time, and sometimes even while I’m working I always find myself day-dreaming about new and exciting things to create and offer on our website.

Lampwork Tutorials

Lampwork Tutorials

I’ve been asked for years how to blow shards and more specifically how to make my ever popular special effect mottling shards. Well if you’ve been wanting in on the secrets you are in luck.




Glass artist, sometimes starving sometimes not. Full time glass artist residing in the great city of Chicago. I create miniture works of art using glass and a torch. Most of my work consists of beads, pendants, and marbles. On the rare occasion you will also find me dabbling in the fusing kiln making plates, coasters, or tea light luminaries.

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