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Earring Style Preferance Poll

I will be coming out with some new earrings in the next couple of months and I’m turning to you all to figure out what style is most preferred. Do you normally wear post earrings, french hook wires, lever backs? Or something else? I will be making them available in all the earring hardware that is available but would like to know which style is most worn.

Answer the earring poll on our Avenue Beads Facebook page.

Your input will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Blowing A Lampwork Glass Vessel

I came across an old video I made in 2010 of me blowing a glass vessel during one of my live studio broadcasts. I thought it would be fun to bring it back to the light as I am sure there are plenty of  lampwork artists out there who would find this tutorial of sort very helpful in getting started with blowing glass vessels on a torch. An artist can never have too many skills in their bag of tricks, right?

Seeing this old video brought back some good memories of my old studio. I now feel the need to start blowing my little vessels again.

View and purchase my lampwork blown glass vessels.

If you have any questions please leave a post in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.


Watch, learn, enjoy, and share!

Watch live video from Playing with fire! on Justin.tv

New Lampwork Murrini

I have decided it is time to grow our 104coe lampwork murrini selection. We have a nice start but more choices is always better! Being a guy I always seem to gravitate to the more earthy tones (blue,brown, black) when I work. So with the new lampwork murrini that I will be coming out with I have sworn to myself that I will be trying very hard to stay away from the normal colors that I always grab for. The new theme is going to be bright and fun.

Don’t laugh now, I really did try staying away from my “safe” colors on this first new lampwork murrini. Yes, I grabbed blue I know. I’ll try harder next time! I did use white and yellow though so I should at least get a couple points for that, right?

 Oceanside murrini chips 104coe

Ocean side murrini

Murrini Chip Example


I will be using my etsy store to test out the likeability of the new colors. Those that are best sellers will be added to the AvenueBeads.com website as a normal stock item. So if you try this one or any of the new lampwork murrini chips that come out, let me know what you think.

Have fun!



Lampwork Off-Mandrel Glass Leaf Bead

If you hate cleaning out the release from lampwork bead holes as much as I do, you will probably be more than eager to learn how to work your lampwork glass off-mandrel.

Creating off-mandrel soft glass pieces is a bit more tricky than say using boro but it can be done, you just have to be patient and work slow. Work too fast and you’ll have a sloppy stubborn blob of glass that just won’t do what you want it to.

Once you go off-mandrel it opens doors to other areas of work like marbles, pendants, sculptures, and even beads! Yes, you can even make beads without a mandrel. This lampwork bead was created completely off-mandrel. Neat eh?

The video below which was taken from one of my live studio broadcasts will hopefully give you a nice jumping off point to start your journey on losing that mandrel.

Enjoy and keep it hot!

Watch, learn, enjoy, and share!

Watch live video from Avenue Beads Studio Cam on Justin.tv

New Lampwork Supply: Streaky Stringers

You may have seen the sneak peek of these awesome new stringers a week or so ago either on our facebook page or here on the blog. If not, say hello to the newest addition in our 104coe Streaky Stringer line.


Lots of color!

These new Rainbow Streaky Stringers pack a colorful punch. Each stringer is overflowing with a rainbow mix of purple, red, yellow, blue, and ivory. All these colors packed inside gives you a lot of different color with minimal amount of work. Those new to bead making or seasoned vets will enjoy working with this color.

As an example, just check out this fantastic streaky crab focal bead created by Joy Munshower.

Rainbow Stringer Example

These new Rainbow 104coe Streaky Stringers are now available on the website.

Have a great rest of the week!