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Christmas Light Beads


These beads make the cutest earrings. Not to gaudy but with just enough holiday flair to show your festive side.

Why Buy Handmade


One of the hardest parts about being an independent artist is in my opinion the selling. It can be exhausting always trying to convince potential customers that your prices aren’t totally outrageous. I came across this blog post “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Handmade” and it was like a hammer hitting a nail. If […]

Live Studio Broadcasts


Have you ever wondered how glass beads are made? Or how glass marbles are designed and turned into beautiful glass spheres? Well then my friend, you need to join me during my live studio broadcasts!

Murrini Signature

Letters fully encased and ready to pull down.

Making a letter murrini involves many steps and many hours to complete. Another thing this takes a lot of, glass. Lots and lots of glass.

Shiny And New


I set out to re-brand the face of Avenue Beads. 100 or so hours later and numerous 5am bedtimes, the new is just about ready to go live.

Say Hello To My Little Studio

Corkscrew Marble

Every time we move it seems that my studio gets smaller and smaller. Either that or my glass multiplies in-between our moves.




Glass artist, sometimes starving sometimes not. Full time glass artist residing in the great city of Chicago. I create miniture works of art using glass and a torch. Most of my work consists of beads, pendants, and marbles. On the rare occasion you will also find me dabbling in the fusing kiln making plates, coasters, or tea light luminaries.

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