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Rose Murrini Spring Has Sprung!

Finally! It seems as though winter was never going to release its cold dead grip. At least here in Chicago that was the case. Today the daffodils are blooming, the sun is shining and summer is on the way!

Spring has also sprung in the studio. I just added new rose murrini canes and chips to the AvenueBeads.com store! It’s time to celebrate spring!

redrosemurriniThese fun new rose murrini are currently available in both cane and chip form. If you want a full cane though, you better hurry. There’s only 3 rose murrini canes available at this moment.

If using flower murrini is something new for you or you don’t use murrini very often, you’ll probably want to opt for the rose murrini chips. They’re ready to use and sold in more affordable amounts.

In the next week or so I hope to have a demo video shot and uploaded on how to use rose murrini chips. If you’ve always struggled with using detailed murrini that ends in smears or oddly shaped flowers, I have a great technique to share. If you want perfect blooming roses on your beads stay tuned for the video!

Does your bead making style change with the seasons? Post your answer in the comments.

Bead Boxes

Avenue Beads has teamed up with Twisted Oak Greeting Cards to bring you something new and exciting!

If you want your buyers to keep coming back, it’s important to give customers a memorable experience. It starts with them falling in love with your work, and then handing over their hard earned money to make it their new treasure. However the adventure shouldn’t stop there. If the packaging you use to ship or sell you items in matches the uniqueness of what you are selling it just adds to the overall experience of their purchase.

bead boxes

Brand-able and Unique Bead Boxes

When a customer has a memorable experience that feels like it’s Christmas morning or their birthday, they are sure to come back for more! These new and unique papercut bead boxes will help you make that customers purchase even more special and memorable.

There are two self branding bead boxes that proudly display your standard sized (3.5″ x 2″) business card front and center and also smaller boxes in a variety of fun designs.

If you really want to up your game you can even have created for you your very own branded sleeve bead box with your business name! There will be no confusion where that bead came from when your name is on the packaging!

These stylish heavy weight cardstock bead boxes will impress your customers for sure. Use these boxes to ship your beads to buyers. Also an excellent way to package buyers items at your craft and art shows.  Help your items stand out from the crowd!

Come on over the the Avenue Beads store and check out all the bead boxes that are currently available.


Fusion Frit Lampwork Supplies

fusion frit

Our ever popular Fusion Frit is now being restocked. Fire’s Sage and Cherry Smash is now available. The other colors also being restocked soon, and we’ll hopefully be coming out with some brand new colors as well.

If you haven’t used our Fusion Frit before, you’re in for a great treat! This frit is not your typical frit. Unlike all other frit or frit blends where each piece is one color, each single piece of Fusion Frit is actually multi-colored!

Fusion Frit gets rave reviews from beginner lampworkers and seasoned artists alike. Create beautiful beads with fantastic effects in a matter of seconds.

Have Fun!

Tutti Frutti Lampwork Glass Stringers

I had this idea floating around in my head for a couple of weeks for the next striped stringer color. Was able to catch up with my orders so I got to play around and see how the new color would look.

All I need to say is it was love at first sight! As the idea was developing in my head, I was originally going to name these new lampwork stringers “Pot-O-Gold”. However after making the example paddle I realized that this color needed a new name. What immediately came to mind because of the fruity nature of the color combo was the name Tutti Frutti. Rather appropriate I think. I bet your singing that song in your head right now aren’t you? :)

Lampwork Stringers

It’s Tutti Frutti!


Add a splash of color with these fun and bright striped stringer canes. Clear base lampwork stringer that is embedded with a tasty array of yellow and orange stripes. View details…

These lampwork stringers are also available in the Avenue Beads Etsy store for those that might prefer shopping on etsy.


Lampwork Striped Stringer Canes

New Possibilities
As if we didn’t already have enough product lines to entice your creative visions, I’ve just added another!There are nights when I can’t sleep because there are just too many ideas trying to keep me awake. I’m sure a great number of you can relate to this problem. I suppose it’s better than voices in your head keeping you awake, right?Couple nights ago during one of my creative insomnia episodes a new idea popped into my head. Everyone loves the Streaky Stringers that we create, so how about we simplify that same idea down into a more detailed look. Or maybe it’s less detailed? I’ll let you decide.

Striped Cane Stringers are born…


These new canes are built on a clear base and embedded with strands of varying colors. Using a clear base allows the colors to create intricate swirls and zig-zag threads of color as you lay them on your piece.

I’m rather excited about these and can’t wait to see what all of our awesome creative customers can do with these striped canes.



Free-Form Lampwork Glass Beads

There is a fun, exciting new style of lampwork glass beads that I’ve just added to the line of glass beads I offer.

I’ve been in play mode this past week, which means I get to experiment with ideas that have been floating around in my head for a while, but haven’t had time to dedicate to actually trying the idea.  Usually when I throw caution to the wind not much comes of it. Like cleaning the hard drive on a computer, you have to get rid of old things to make room for new things or in this case, ideas. Not all those images racing around in my head always come out as planned, once in a while though I uncover something that really makes me happy to make and keep making. Luckily this most recent “play time” was one of those particular times when something I’m happy to offer comes out of my experimenting.

Normally when I make something it has to be perfect or I am not comfortable showing it or listing it in my etsy store or the AvenueBeads.com store. The not so perfectness of these new beads though is what makes them perfect. Strange how that works.

I’ve named these new beads free-form beads because they’re made using nothing but heat and gravity with each one taking on its own free shape. Some are round, some are oval, but all of them are fun!

Amber Beads

Transparent Amber FF Beads

Blue beads

Transparent Blue FF Beads

Green Beads

Transparent Green FF Beads

I have a set of my own free-form beads that I wear all the time. If you’re a hand fiddler like I am, wearing these glass beads all by themselves on a simple cord or chain is great. The clang or tinking (did I just make up a new word?) sound they make as you fiddle with them is oddly soothing.

Free-form bead necklace

Free-Form Bead Necklace

These beads look great worn all by themselves but can also be taken to higher levels. If you want to be more creative you can incorporate these lampwork glass free-form beads into any necklace design.

I had some jump rings left over from another project and put this quick necklace together as a an example of how something so simple as these free-form beads can be turned into something a bit more classy. The odd shapes and beautiful transparent colors really add lots of interest to the necklace shown at left. I only used 8 beads in this one but I’m thinking of the statement piece that could be created using lots of these beads.

Earrings, I imagine a matching pair of dangling earrings and this necklace together would make the cutest accessories. How you use these free-form beads is limited only by your imagination.

These free-form beads are being sold as sets on in my etsy store and also being sold per bead on the www.AvenueBeads.com website, made to order.  Many more colors to come! If you’d like to see a particular color made available please contact me.

New Lampwork Murrini

I have decided it is time to grow our 104coe lampwork murrini selection. We have a nice start but more choices is always better! Being a guy I always seem to gravitate to the more earthy tones (blue,brown, black) when I work. So with the new lampwork murrini that I will be coming out with I have sworn to myself that I will be trying very hard to stay away from the normal colors that I always grab for. The new theme is going to be bright and fun.

Don’t laugh now, I really did try staying away from my “safe” colors on this first new lampwork murrini. Yes, I grabbed blue I know. I’ll try harder next time! I did use white and yellow though so I should at least get a couple points for that, right?

 Oceanside murrini chips 104coe

Ocean side murrini

Murrini Chip Example


I will be using my etsy store to test out the likeability of the new colors. Those that are best sellers will be added to the AvenueBeads.com website as a normal stock item. So if you try this one or any of the new lampwork murrini chips that come out, let me know what you think.

Have fun!



New Lampwork Supply: Streaky Stringers

You may have seen the sneak peek of these awesome new stringers a week or so ago either on our facebook page or here on the blog. If not, say hello to the newest addition in our 104coe Streaky Stringer line.


Lots of color!

These new Rainbow Streaky Stringers pack a colorful punch. Each stringer is overflowing with a rainbow mix of purple, red, yellow, blue, and ivory. All these colors packed inside gives you a lot of different color with minimal amount of work. Those new to bead making or seasoned vets will enjoy working with this color.

As an example, just check out this fantastic streaky crab focal bead created by Joy Munshower.

Rainbow Stringer Example

These new Rainbow 104coe Streaky Stringers are now available on the website.

Have a great rest of the week!

New Lampwork Supply – Flower And Leaf Canes

Summer is almost over, at least here anyway, but no matter what time of year it is floral beads seem to always be in style. If you like making flowers or would like to try your hand at making some, you’re in luck. With our new flower canes and leaf canes your work just got a little easier. Why spend hours making the components when you can buy what you need ready-made for you.

As always these are 100% handmade in our studio so you know the quality and consistency that you will receive from our products.

1o4coe rose and flower canes

Variegated Red Flower CaneRed Flower CanePurple Flower Cane

Pink Flower CaneVariegated Red Flower Cane

Don’t see a color you need? Please contact me about requesting other colors to be added to the line.

Along with the flower cane I’ve added a really neat leaf cane to the website. This flat cane creates a light green leaf with a dark green edging and a black spine. To use all you need to do is heat a tiny ball at the tip and swipe on the surface of your bead. Pull leaf end to a point and you have yourself a very detailed leaf for trees, flowers and vines. Can be left on surface or encased when making encased florals. I rarely make a flower bead that doesn’t use this leaf cane. All the photos above show the leaf cane in use.