Free-Form Lampwork Glass Beads

There is a fun, exciting new style of lampwork glass beads that I’ve just added to the line of glass beads I offer.

I’ve been in play mode this past week, which means I get to experiment with ideas that have been floating around in my head for a while, but haven’t had time to dedicate to actually trying the idea.  Usually when I throw caution to the wind not much comes of it. Like cleaning the hard drive on a computer, you have to get rid of old things to make room for new things or in this case, ideas. Not all those images racing around in my head always come out as planned, once in a while though I uncover something that really makes me happy to make and keep making. Luckily this most recent “play time” was one of those particular times when something I’m happy to offer comes out of my experimenting.

Normally when I make something it has to be perfect or I am not comfortable showing it or listing it in my etsy store or the store. The not so perfectness of these new beads though is what makes them perfect. Strange how that works.

I’ve named these new beads free-form beads because they’re made using nothing but heat and gravity with each one taking on its own free shape. Some are round, some are oval, but all of them are fun!

Amber Beads
Transparent Amber FF Beads
Blue beads
Transparent Blue FF Beads
Green Beads
Transparent Green FF Beads

I have a set of my own free-form beads that I wear all the time. If you’re a hand fiddler like I am, wearing these glass beads all by themselves on a simple cord or chain is great. The clang or tinking (did I just make up a new word?) sound they make as you fiddle with them is oddly soothing.

Free-form bead necklace
Free-Form Bead Necklace

These beads look great worn all by themselves but can also be taken to higher levels. If you want to be more creative you can incorporate these lampwork glass free-form beads into any necklace design.

I had some jump rings left over from another project and put this quick necklace together as a an example of how something so simple as these free-form beads can be turned into something a bit more classy. The odd shapes and beautiful transparent colors really add lots of interest to the necklace shown at left. I only used 8 beads in this one but I’m thinking of the statement piece that could be created using lots of these beads.

Earrings, I imagine a matching pair of dangling earrings and this necklace together would make the cutest accessories. How you use these free-form beads is limited only by your imagination.

These free-form beads are being sold as sets on in my etsy store and also being sold per bead on the website, made to order.  Many more colors to come! If you’d like to see a particular color made available please contact me.

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