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New Lampwork Murrini

I have decided it is time to grow our 104coe lampwork murrini selection. We have a nice start but more choices is always better! Being a guy I always seem to gravitate to the more earthy tones (blue,brown, black) when I work. So with the new lampwork murrini that I will be coming out with I have sworn to myself that I will be trying very hard to stay away from the normal colors that I always grab for. The new theme is going to be bright and fun.

Don’t laugh now, I really did try staying away from my “safe” colors on this first new lampwork murrini. Yes, I grabbed blue I know. I’ll try harder next time! I did use white and yellow though so I should at least get a couple points for that, right?

 Oceanside murrini chips 104coe

Ocean side murrini

Murrini Chip Example


I will be using my etsy store to test out the likeability of the new colors. Those that are best sellers will be added to the AvenueBeads.com website as a normal stock item. So if you try this one or any of the new lampwork murrini chips that come out, let me know what you think.

Have fun!



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