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Lampwork Striped Stringer Canes

New Possibilities
As if we didn’t already have enough product lines to entice your creative visions, I’ve just added another!There are nights when I can’t sleep because there are just too many ideas trying to keep me awake. I’m sure a great number of you can relate to this problem. I suppose it’s better than voices in your head keeping you awake, right?Couple nights ago during one of my creative insomnia episodes a new idea popped into my head. Everyone loves the Streaky Stringers that we create, so how about we simplify that same idea down into a more detailed look. Or maybe it’s less detailed? I’ll let you decide.

Striped Cane Stringers are born…

Rainbow Cane
Rainbow Striped Cane

Rasta Striped Cane
Rasta Striped Cane


These new canes are built on a clear base and embedded with strands of varying colors. Using a clear base allows the colors to create intricate swirls and zig-zag threads of color as you lay them on your piece.

I’m rather excited about these and can’t wait to see what all of our awesome creative customers can do with these striped canes.



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New Lampwork Supply: Streaky Stringers


You may have seen the sneak peek of these awesome new stringers a week or so ago either on our facebook page or here on the blog. If not, say hello to the newest addition in our 104coe Streaky Stringer line.


Lots of color!

These new Rainbow Streaky Stringers pack a colorful punch. Each stringer is overflowing with a rainbow mix of purple, red, yellow, blue, and ivory. All these colors packed inside gives you a lot of different color with minimal amount of work. Those new to bead making or seasoned vets will enjoy working with this color.

As an example, just check out this fantastic streaky crab focal bead created by Joy Munshower.

Rainbow Stringer Example

These new Rainbow 104coe Streaky Stringers are now available on the website.

Have a great rest of the week!

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How To Use Our Star Murrini Cane

Star Murrini

If you’ve never used murrini in cane form this blog post will hopefully answer all of your questions. If not leave a comment and I’ll answer any questions you may have on this technique.

These little stars are great for adding character to your holiday beads (Halloween, Christmas) and landscape beads.

Using Our Star Cane:

Unlike larger murrini that is used in slices, our star cane is meant to be used right off the cane. This is only possible up to a certain diameter, too big of a murrini and the image will not transfer correctly to your work. Our star murrini cane works perfectly using the “snap off” technique that I’m about to show you.

You will need:

104coe Star Murrini Cane

104coe Rod or Stringer of Clear (optional)

Murrini Placement


Start by creating your bead and adding any design elements you wish. Here I’m just using an example paddle as I couldn’t find my mandrels to make a bead at the moment.

When you are ready to start placing your murrini stars decide where you want the first star to go. Heat that section until it is nice and glowing. Doesn’t have to be soupy hot but it has to be able to accept being manipulated.



Pokey pokey..


Grab your star murrini cane and quickly push it into the spot that you heated. Too get the most out of your cane it’s important to remember not to shove the cane in so far that you’re wasting valuable millimeters.

It may be a good idea to practice a couple of times on a paddle like I’m using to get a feel for the technique before using this on a bead that you spent hours creating.



Imbedded Star Chip


After poking the cane into your bead hold the cane there and let the area that you heated to set back up.

Once it cools back down again, all you need to do is quickly snap the can to one side. If done properly this will leave one imbedded star murrini chip in your bead. Neat!




At this point you have the option of placing a dot of clear over the chip to give the murrini a lens. Alternatively and my chosen preference, just leaving as is and continue on imbedding more chips.

Adding more stars


Keep repeating the steps of re-heating a section, poking the star cane in, and snapping off.

Try not to get too close to any previously placed stars. If you get to close with your “poking” you run the chance of smearing one of the chips (which I actually managed to do, oops!).




Oh my stars!


Here I have all the star chips placed and it’s ready to be finished off. It looks quite messy and bad now but once you complete the last step everything will come together and you’ll have a starry sky.





Finished Look


After you finish placing all the stars into your bead all that is left to do is reheat the whole piece until everything levels back out. If you did not place clear above the chips the stars will shrink in size a bit due to the glass having to fill itself back in.

While I was taking these photos I was just about out of propane so I had to go through the steps rather fast. The finished look is a bit lumpy but hopefully this will give you a good handle on how to use our star murrini canes.



If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

On a side note…If you’ve used our star cane before or do in the future, I would love to see your beads! I may even update this post with pictures of your beads and include them as examples in the store listing as well. Just send your photos to joe[at]

Have fun!

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New Lampwork Supply – Flower And Leaf Canes


Summer is almost over, at least here anyway, but no matter what time of year it is floral beads seem to always be in style. If you like making flowers or would like to try your hand at making some, you’re in luck. With our new flower canes and leaf canes your work just got a little easier. Why spend hours making the components when you can buy what you need ready-made for you.

As always these are 100% handmade in our studio so you know the quality and consistency that you will receive from our products.

1o4coe rose and flower canes

Variegated Red Flower CaneRed Flower CanePurple Flower Cane

Pink Flower CaneVariegated Red Flower Cane

Don’t see a color you need? Please contact me about requesting other colors to be added to the line.

Along with the flower cane I’ve added a really neat leaf cane to the website. This flat cane creates a light green leaf with a dark green edging and a black spine. To use all you need to do is heat a tiny ball at the tip and swipe on the surface of your bead. Pull leaf end to a point and you have yourself a very detailed leaf for trees, flowers and vines. Can be left on surface or encased when making encased florals. I rarely make a flower bead that doesn’t use this leaf cane. All the photos above show the leaf cane in use.