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We’ve Been Featured On Morninglightglass.blogspot.com

Wendy Williams of Morning Light Glass writes about our Blowing Shards tutorial “I purchased one of his tuts and found that Joe’s  pictures and descriptions are done well, easy to follow and I  believe makes it very easy for anyone to create these lovelies”

To see the full write-up visit Wendy’s blog at http://morninglightglass.blogspot.com

Be sure to read her other posts as well which  show off her beautiful creations in glass.

Have you purchased our Blowing Shards tutorial? What did you think?

Lampwork Off-Mandrel Glass Leaf Bead

If you hate cleaning out the release from lampwork bead holes as much as I do, you will probably be more than eager to learn how to work your lampwork glass off-mandrel.

Creating off-mandrel soft glass pieces is a bit more tricky than say using boro but it can be done, you just have to be patient and work slow. Work too fast and you’ll have a sloppy stubborn blob of glass that just won’t do what you want it to.

Once you go off-mandrel it opens doors to other areas of work like marbles, pendants, sculptures, and even beads! Yes, you can even make beads without a mandrel. This lampwork bead was created completely off-mandrel. Neat eh?

The video below which was taken from one of my live studio broadcasts will hopefully give you a nice jumping off point to start your journey on losing that mandrel.

Enjoy and keep it hot!

Watch, learn, enjoy, and share!

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