Glass Necklace Giveaway

Our Biggest Giveaway Yet!
If you’ve been watching the Avenue Beads facebook page the past couple weeks, you probably saw the cool claspless glass chain necklace I’ve been working on. Last week I finally finished the necklace, its really something cool!

I have a confession to make…

I was creating this awesome, claspless glass chain necklace to give away. Yes, I’m giving away this $250 necklace to one lucky person. No I haven’t gone off the deep end (Ok maybe a little), but it makes me happy putting a smile on peoples faces. I’m thinking this should put a huge smile on someone’s face.


Who wouldn’t want to win this great piece?! Find out how to be entered into the necklace giveaway at:

In 5 weeks time we’ll find out who is the proud new owner. Will it be you?

Feel free to share the image above on facebook, google+, twitter and anywhere else. It’ll put a smile on my face 🙂

Have Fun and good luck!

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