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I’ve been needing to write this for a couple of months now. It’s high time I stop putting it off and put pen to paper as it were.

If you’ve been following me for a while you probably know how I love doing my live studio streaming. What? You haven’t seen one of my streams?! You’re totally missing out!

I’ve used many different platforms to hold my live studio broadcasts over the years. It all began on so long ago. After a good long year the website started going downhill. I then went to ustream for a short time. Didn’t really like ustream all that much. It is more of a gamer platform (which is what is now as well) and starting a stream was such a hassle. I took a little break from streaming after that. At some point Youtube Live came on the scene. I thought Youtube would allow me to reach a huge new audience. Not so much. Youtube live is clunky and confusing for the audience. Users always had a hard time figuring out how to chat. Never had more than 5 watch my live stream which is hard to get excited about.

meerkat streaming
meerkat streaming

Now…I think I found my forever home. In comes the smartphone app called Meerkat! The meerkat iOS app (available on android too) is awesome! It has only been out for about 3 months now and already has a large and growing vibrant community. I started using it about a week after it went public and haven’t looked back. The meerkat streaming app is hands down more awesome than all my previous streaming platforms put together. The short time that I’ve been using Meerkat to stream my studio time I’ve met so many cool people from all over the world, reached new customers, and made lots of new internet friends. Some I will even be meeting in person.

The app itself seems to draw in lots of creative and well spoken people, and yes some crazies too ;). There are a number of celebrities that use the app, U2, One Republic, and Snoop Dog, just to name a few. It’s mostly unknown people who are streaming though, which I prefer. I enjoy watching and engaging in other interesting people’s streams almost as much as I enjoy streaming myself. Warning! it’s addicting!

You can watch me stream 4 or 5 days a week, most times twice a day. Once in the afternoon while I’m creating my handmade supplies to fill glass artist supply orders. Then again later in the evening where I make beads, marbles, pendants, sculptures, or anything else I feel like making. I also enjoy taking custom “hey you should make this” requests during my live streams.

Don’t wait any longer. Download the app today and come join the fun! Search for “avenuebeads” on the app and make sure to follow me so when I schedule my streams and go live you’ll be notified.

See you all on my next live stream!

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