Rose Murrini Spring Has Sprung!

Finally! It seems as though winter was never going to release its cold dead grip. At least here in Chicago that was the case. Today the daffodils are blooming, the sun is shining and summer is on the way!

Spring has also sprung in the studio. I just added new rose murrini canes and chips to the store! It’s time to celebrate spring!

redrosemurriniThese fun new rose murrini are currently available in both cane and chip form. If you want a full cane though, you better hurry. There’s only 3 rose murrini canes available at this moment.

If using flower murrini is something new for you or you don’t use murrini very often, you’ll probably want to opt for the rose murrini chips. They’re ready to use and sold in more affordable amounts.

In the next week or so I hope to have a demo video shot and uploaded on how to use rose murrini chips. If you’ve always struggled with using detailed murrini that ends in smears or oddly shaped flowers, I have a great technique to share. If you want perfect blooming roses on your beads stay tuned for the video!

Does your bead making style change with the seasons? Post your answer in the comments.

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